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  • Token Name: Viplus Token (VPL)
  • Maximum supply: 200,000,000,000
  • Release number: 18,612,651,506 (9.31%)
  • Holder wallet: 1,021,385
  • Transaction: 952,731
  • Contract (TRC20): TVRUYiDQxJXMDBeXUifh8ELjxH4ZYT9VWo
Price: 2 VND Today's transaction: 2,838,667 VPL Released today: 1,938,667 VPL
# Time Are from Come Transaction type Amount of money Status

frequently asked Questions

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What is Viplus?

Viplus is a product developed by Vietsmile - a multi-industry business enterprise in Vietnam. It is released completely free based on Blockchain technology and TRC20 platform.

Viplus is operated on a gift basis from Vietsmile's payment and collection services. It is used for free exchange and redemption of gifts from businesses as well as products developed by Vietsmile.

The conversion fee from Vietsmile is specified on the Vietsmile application, transactions are done automatically and the transaction fee is charged by Viplus right on Vietsmile application..

Viplus hosted on is charged for Gas in Tron based on the actual fee from time to time as determined by TRC. So you can choose a fast transaction by raising Gas, of course it deducts higher fees than Tron.

You just need to register an account on the VIETSMILE platform and use the payment utilities, you will be refunded from the provider the money can be used or converted directly into Viplus token..

You can own it through internal transactions between individuals who own Viplus or buy freely on exchanges and international exchanges where Viplus tokens are listed..

We do not issue Viplus in the form of an ICO sale, purchase, or trust or under any form. So you will be solely responsible for your personal transactions.

Supports hosting, account creation and trading techniques.

Represent a member to act as arbitrator with a third party if there are violations or claims within the ability of the arbitrator.

Update features and upgrades to better suit the strong development of digital technology.

Support linking with partners and executing smart contract-based transactions.

Update new versions from TRC20.

Viplus account is created without your phone number, email or personal information. It was created to help you connect directly to Tron's Blockchain. That means Vietsmile does not store your coin or account, but only acts as an intermediary.

In addition to Viplus, you can also store many other tokens developed on Tron's blockchain platform and is also the only wallet that developers on Tron accept for investors to use to buy Their tokens.

At the home page of Send transaction

Species: To choose the type of token you want to trade.

Amount: The amount of tokens to transfer.

Address: Is the address provided by the recipient (Need to check carefully before making the transaction).

Select gas: Limit (If you want to do it quickly).

Moved on: Transaction confirmation is successful.

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